Monday, 25 April 2011

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

I found Gold Investment in Malaysia is a very good tools to make profit when the market is down. I also found that Gold Price go up and down more slower compare to share market so to make money in long term, Gold is the right tools. This blog is all about Malaysia Gold Info and the way to make profit.

What We Offer?
VIRGIN GOLD MINING CORPORATION (VGMC)is undertaking an exercise of issuing fresh CONVERTIBLE PREFERRED STOCKS(CPS) and invites willing investors worldwide to take up this offer.The offer price at $0.80/unit on 1 January, 2010 and will be increased periodically in accordance with the net asset value of the company. Such offering may be subject to a time limitation and the corporation’s need for capital and offers income platform for gold trading with almost no risk.You can easily trade at home with your pc or laptop.Maximizes the value of your funds through 4 choices:-

1. Shareholder. (FIX MONTHLY DIVIDEND)
Every shareholder will get fixed monthly dividend in ounce of gold according to how much they invest which is usually 10% to 18% of their share.
Minimum share offered is 1000 unit X $1.30 = $1300
Monthly Dividend without trading.

Example: USD1500/Ounce

 1 Lot (USD1300) RM4+++= Dividend 0.1oz/Monthly
0.1oz Convert to USD = USD150 ( RM450/Monthly )

 2 Lot (USD2600) RM9+++= Dividend 0.2oz/Monthly
0.2oz Convert to USD = USD300 ( RM900/Monthly )

 5 Lot (USD6500) RM22+++= Dividend 0.5oz/Monthly
0.5oz Convert to USD = USD750 ( RM2250/Monthly )

10 Lot (USD13000) RM45+++= Dividend 1oz/Monthly
1oz Convert to USD = USD1500 ( RM4500/Monthly )
This Dividend without Trading

2. Online Gold Trading - Absolutely no market risk. (TRADING PROFIT)
You can trade online with given capital.Training for trading will be given.
Get extra Profit

Trade online without Margin Call

3. Introducer (COMMISSION)
After you have become a Shareholder, you will get bonuses for New Shareholder member you introduce in about 10% increasement.

Exp: 1 Lot $1300 = 10% u get $130 Real Time

4.Bonuses if you open a group.(GROUP SALES) 

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