Monday, 19 August 2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013



Dear Shareholders:

Management is glad to inform all shareholders that the listing of CPS-GOLD, CPS-PLATINUM and CPS-SILVER will take place within the next 3 months. We cannot guarantee the share value at this time, but we expect our listed company share to trade between USD3.00 – USD4.50 by September 2013.

Our financial team is currently working with our external auditors to complete the final audit of our accounts that will be submitted to the corresponding regulators for the purpose of obtaining final listing approval. We expect this exercise to be completed by Tuesday, 4th of June 2013.

All the details will be published in “Our Investors” section on the 5th of June 2013. Shareholders are also expected to be able to login to their online accounts on the same day. We apologize for the inconvenience that you may experience between 1st to 5th June.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and unequaled support.

David Barrett CEO – VGMC

Monday, 27 May 2013

AGMAC Listing

AGMAC Listing
Dear Share & Options Holders,

As you know, we are currently implementing an Option exercise and to date this exercise has certainly seen a tremendous response. The first phase of this process across several Asian countries has seen a near 60% take-up rate. Once again we are encouraged by our clients’ continued support and participation in our overall business strategy as we continue with the listing exercise.

In the meantime, Options can still be exercised at US$0.58 per Option. Shareholders who have not yet exercised their Options will still be able to do so in the next few months until the end of this year.

All AGMAC-CPS-GOLD PAID Shares and AGMAC-CPS-GOLD UNPAID Options will reside in Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (VGMC) with immediate effect as part of the on-going preparations for the listing exercise. In the meantime, shareholders are advised to log into their VGMC account to check their AGMAC-CPS-GOLD-PAID Shares and AGMAC-CPS-GOLD-UNPAID Options.
We thank our many shareholders for their support in our company and management and will continue to report on the progress with the Option exercise.

AGMAC Management

Monday, 6 May 2013

AGMAC Shareholder Declaration Form – 118A/5/13

Shareholder Declaration Form -118A/5/13


The good news has been out for a few days now, and I hope that as shareholders, you are very excited that your shares will be listed within the next 3 months. In the meantime, there are a lot of procedures and protocols that both the company and its shareholders must follow.

Management hereby officially requests that all shareholders of AGMAC download, complete, sign and attach the above form (AGMAC Shareholder Declaration Form – 118A/5/13) no later than the 31st of May, 2013.

This form (and future forms) can be downloaded from the new feature on your shareholder account, called “Download Form”.

This will be the first of many forms that AGMAC shareholders will need to complete and return to the company in accordance with public listing, financial, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism laws around the world. I urge shareholders to treat all these requirements seriously, since the listing of your shares is a very official matter. Shareholders who knowingly provide false information, fail to provide required information and/or declarations may be held accountable under the law at a future date. You may even forefeit the rights to your shares and options for failing to abide by these requirements and regulations.

All these forms MUST be completed with BLOCK LETTERS and in English only, as required by various listing jurisdictions. I urge shareholders who have difficulty in English to seek professional help to avoid any mistakes.

Thank you for your understanding.

Roland Hurni-Gosman


Good news to all!

AGMAC is scheduled to be listed within the next 3 months. Relevant information will be released in stages from June onwards.

For a start, shareholders who have booked to convert their Options to Shares at USD0.58 per share have been given the priority to execute the payment from 1st – 10th of May 2013. This exercise will be done in stages. Some shareholders in certain countries will be given higher priority to convert first followed by the rest. Shareholders are advised to log in to their online accounts on a regular basis to check for more updates.

Please follow the step by step instructions in “Convert Options to Shares” carefully for a smoother conversion process.

Thank you.

Roland Hurni-Gosman
CEO – The Asia Gold Mining Asset Corporation

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Dear Shareholders

The management is pleased to announce the launch of Convertible Preferred Shares, CPS-SILVER effective today, 1st of March 2013. This offer is made available to all current and new shareholders of VGMC.

The objective is to exploit the market potential of the strong underlying growth potential of Silver over the next five (5) years. As subscribers to our CPS-PLATINUM know, since its launch six months ago Platinum has consistently outperformed Gold. In fact, due to the exceptional performance of Platinum, shareholders who subscribed CPS-PLATINUM in October 2012 will this month already recover 100% of their original investment. It is our intention to recreate a similar performance for CPS-SILVER.

Details of our CPS-SILVER Offer to shareholders are as follows:

1. Initial Offer Price – USD0.90 in March 2013

2. Projected monthly increment of USD0.05 thereafter until further notice.

3. Minimum initial subscription of 5,000 shares, thereafter blocks of minimum 100 shares thereafter per shareholder.

4. Every subscription to 1,000 CPS-SILVER entitles the shareholder to a dividend of 4 troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams) Silver, payable each calendar month. E.g. A shareholder subscribes to 10,000 CPS-SILVER on 3rd of March, dividend of 40 oz. of Silver is paid on 3rd day of each subsequent month. Silver dividends will be paid in ounces of Silver into shareholders’ SILVER ACCOUNT to be convertible to Credits (USD) in shareholders’ Credit Account at real time spot silver prices and vice versa.

5. The minimum initial subscription offer of 5,000 CPS-SILVER also applies to CPS-PLATINUM holders. In the same way as CPS-PLATINUM’s standard minimum initial subscription of 10,000 shares applies to CPS-SILVER shareholders.

6. In summary, the launch of CPS-SILVER offers the unique opportunity to become an active shareholder of VGMC by subscribing to a minimum of 5,000 CPS-SILVER or 10,000 CPS-PLATINUM or both.

7. Direct Referral Incentives for CPS-SILVER are structured in the same manner as CPS-PLATINUM whereby direct referrals generate a 10% monetary incentive calculated on the number of shares multiplied by price per share and payable at real time on completed transactions.

8. Our Group Bonus is applicable to all shareholders of CPS-SILVER, CPS-PLATINUM or both.

9. The Group Bonus is calculated based on the total number of newly subscribed CPS-SILVER and CPS-PLATINUM in any one month. Please note: the Group Bonus applies to both types of CPS- offerings. Meaning CPS-SILVER holders can earn group bonus on newly subscribed CPS-SILVER andCPS-PLATINUM, equally CPS-PLATINUM holders can also earn from subscribed new CPS-SILVER and CPS-PLATINUM.

10. A limited number of CPS-SILVER is allocated to every shareholder this month. We apply this limited offer (quota setting) every month to balance the requirement of investment into income generating operations for the company.

11. Shareholders with at least 10,000 CPS-PLATINUM may subscribe to a maximum of 20,000 CPS-SILVER.

12. Non CPS-PLATINUM holders may subscribe up to 10,000 CPS-SILVER in March 2013. This quota will be increased over the coming months.

13. A public listing of Silver assets/interests of VGMC will automatically trigger the conversion of CPS-SILVER stocks into common shares that will be listed at zero conversion cost.

We continue to work hard to create value for our shareholders and I trust you agree with me that the above represents an excellent opportunity for our shareholders. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the ticketing system if you require any further information.

David Barrett

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Appointment of new CEO: David Barrett

Appointment of new CEO: David Barrett

Dear Shareholders:

The board of directors is delighted to announce that Mr. David Barrett has been appointed as the new CEO of VGMC effective 1st March 2013.

Mr. Barrett will take over the top executive management role from Mr. Kenneth Elinger whose term of service with VGMC will end on 28th February 2013. The board of directors would wish to express its deep gratitude to Mr. Elinger for his vision and for his excellent performance while in office.

Mr. Barrett, aged 46, who is a Briton, has previously enjoyed a highly successful career in international financial services , funds management and real estate investment.

He has held senior management positions at major international institutions, including Skandia Life and Scottish Mutual Assurance PLC.

Mr. Barrett therefore brings to VGMC a wealth of international financial and business expertise.

The board has full confidence that the appointment of Mr Barrett will assist in bringing VGMC to new heights and in fulfilling its commitment to introduce additional financial products over the coming few years.

Thank you.

Ricardo Luigi Oliveira